Bridgestone Angelino – kodomo no se (子供のせ) – are mamachari bicycles for carrying children. Some have just a front seat but many have or can fit a second rear seat. The front seats have a unique design that overcomes many of the disadvantages of front child seats designed to fit on any bicycle.

All mamachari are suitable for carrying children by adding a front or rear child seat, although some are more practical than others. Generally bikes with 3 gears or more and an upright riding position are going to be the easiest to ride and the most stable. This is due to the fact that with the additional weight of the child and the seat, starting off and going up hill is easier with more gears and you have more control and better balance when you are more upright. Generally mamachari with upright handlebars also have a locking centre stand which makes it much easier to put your child in the seat and get them strapped in without risk of the bike falling over.

We sell these types of bicycle and have several different models of rear seat if you need to carry 2 children.


Bridgestone Angelino Brown
Bridgestone Angelino Brown

The flagship child carrying bike from market leader Bridgestone. The bike features an integrated front childseat that also doubles up as a basket when there is no child in the front. Can also have a rear seat added – original matching … Continued

£500.00 Add to basket